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Done For You Installation and Setup For ToyAzon!

This service is optional. You are not required to purchase the done for you installation and setup to be able to use ToyAzon. You receive everything you need to use ToyAzon including training on how to install your site.

(We do not work with siteground or Ipage…sorry)

Only $37

If you would like us to install ToyAzon on your server and on your domain, you can purchase this service below.

  1. We will install ToyAzon on your domain on your server
  2. We will do the basic setup steps
  3. We will add your logo
  4. We will add your amazon info
  5. We will add your site title and tagline
  6. We will make your site ready for live site visitors with your information and ready to earn commissions
  7. We will then send you all of your login information to your new site

Please send the following information to: (Secured Email by Liquidweb)

Note: You can copy the text below and paste into your email. Then simply add your information for each request.

Note: If you don’t have amazon api keys and do not want to get them, we can provide keys for you. All we would need is your Amazon Associate ID ( ie..yourid-20)

Your ToyAzon Purchase Email:

SpinRewriter-Bestspinner Keys (Optional) –

Youtube API Key –

Your DFY Installation Paypal Receipt Number:

Your Logo (Optional):

Your Site Title and Tagline:

Home Page Keywords (Optional):

Your Amazon Access Key (Optional-We Can Provide Keys):

Your Amazon Secret Access Key (Optional-We Can Provide Keys):

Your Amazon Affiliate ID:

Your domain name that you want the site installed on:

Your cpanel login url (where you login to your cpanel):

Your cpanel username:

Your cpanel password:

Please send the above information to:

*Make sure you have your hosting account setup. Make sure your domain is added to your cpanel account. Please confirm that all of this is setup properly with your hosting provider and your domain registrar before submitting your information.

Only $37


ToyAzon Training

Download ToyAzon Installation Training

Download Inserting Your Amazon Affiliate Info Training

Advanced Masterclass Training

General Settings-Home Page Content-Logo

Content Campaigns-Automatic Updating-Video Review API

SEO Settings – Important!

Content Rewriting

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