Purchase-Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds for digital products.

We do offer a $200 guarantee that our products work. If a customer claims that the product does not work, we require that proof of this be sent to us. At that point, we will require any access needed for us to investigate any issue. If we find that the product does not work and if we can’t fix the problem, we will refund the customer their full purchase price plus the additional $200 for our guarantee (this does not cover any problem that is with the customer’s server/hosting provider). If the problem is identified as a problem with the customers server/hosting provider, we will educate the customer on what they need to tell their hosting provider so they can fix the customer’s issue.

Our product guarantee is the only scenario where a refund can be given (other then accidental double purchases ect…).

Our digital products are sold in quantities. Each and every product holds value. Once a copy of a product is sold it cannot not be sold again. This is no different than a physical product.

Customers purchase digital products with the understanding that a digital product cannot be returned to the seller. Therefore a refund cannot be given for the digital product. Each and every customer has the option to either purchase the product knowing that this is a digital product that cannot be returned or to not purchase the product.

We are happy to help our customers with any issues they may have by providing training on how to use the products and one on one help when needed.

We provide full training on how to use each of our products that we sell.

We provide absolutely free training in several online categories here: http://paxtonim.com/tutorials/

We provide one on one support for our products.

We have a dedicated Facebook group for the support of our products. Customers can ask questions and get support at any time in this group that is specifically for them.

Customers can contact me personally on skype: shanepax23 for support.

We do everything that we can possibly do to ensure the customer can use our products. We cannot however make the customer put in the effort. We cannot do the work for them.

We specifically describe exactly what the product is, what it does and what is needed to use the product. We also provide full, live demos of the product so the customer can see exactly what they are purchasing before they buy the product.

Note: Because every situation can be different, other limitations may apply.